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Bootcamp - “A training camp for new members of the armed forces, where they have to work hard”

(Oxford Dictionary)

In organizations, Bootcamps are training programs lasting several months that aims to equip individuals (employees or new joiners) for specific roles. 

A bootcamp serves as a practical solution for one of the biggest challenges related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) which is that juniors from underrepresented groups usually do not outstand other candidates in the classic interview processes, due to biases and lack of industry context and knowledge

In the programs you will:

  • Understand the tremendous value of a Bootcamp as a DEI program

  • Understand the 3 crucial building blocks of effective Bootcamps 

  • Learn the best practices for planning and executing an internal Bootcamp

You will leave the program with:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the role and benefits of Bootcamps in organizations

  • Practical knowledge, tools, and strategies to establish a Bootcamp program

  • Equipped to evaluate and measure the ROI of the Bootcamp program

Format and duration:

Consulting hours to co-design, initiate, and help manage the Bootcamp program. 


Please contact us so we can understand your needs and tailor the program work accordingly

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