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The experiences of women in the workplace of discrimination, harassment and microaggressions are not things from the past. They happen today with troubling cadence around the world in all types of organizations. 


Understanding the origins of these behaviors, the ingrained assumptions, barriers, and opportunities women face at work and outside of work, are key to unleashing the true power of women participation in all sectors and levels.

In the session we will:

  • Understand the case for Gender Inclusion and why it matters

  • Reflect on what are some of the key perception / social norm factors that impact gender inclusion / exclusion

  • Explore the roots of systemic discrimination and why it is difficult to ameliorate these conditions

You will leave the session:

  • Clear about the importance of dialogue about gender inclusion 

  • Understanding the ways gender exclusion occurs 

  • Finding ways to interrupt those practices

  • Demonstrate authentic allyship with a focus on gender

  • Equipped with an applicable toolkit and resource list

​With more than one participant from an organization – we offer a 15% discount for all organization’s participants.
If you want to hold the session in-house in your organization, please contact us so we can understand your needs and tailor it accordingly.

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