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Intersectionality highlights the fact that people can have more than one identity – such as race, gender, class, or sexuality – and those identities intersect to create unique experiences.

When Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term intersectionality 30 years ago, she explained explained how it as how these overlapping identities and conditions “impact the way we experience life’s challenges and opportunities, the advantages we have, the biases we face".

In the session we will:

  • Understand intersectionality as a framework for understanding social identities

  • Learn how to adopt an intersectional approach in the workplace

  • Identify new sources of feedback and information that may be outside of one’s comfort zone

  • Reflect on, and share personal experiences of allyship in action or situations when allyship was needed and not present

You will leave the session:

  • Knowledgeable and informed about the impact of intersectionality and allyship in the workplace 

  • Ready to act as an inclusive ally 

  • With identified opportunities and specific actions to turn the word ally into a verb.

  • Able to advocate for intersectionality

  • Equipped with an applicable toolkit and resource list 

Format and duration:

  • 90 minutes keynote

  • 3 hours interactive workshop

With more than one participant from an organization – we offer a 15% discount for all organization’s participants.

If you want to hold the session in-house in your organization, please contact us so we can understand your needs and tailor it accordingly.

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