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Boost: “to increase or improve something, often by providing a push or support to accelerate progress or development” (Oxford Dictionary)

This program aims to empower companies and individuals to cultivate an environment that fosters inclusive behaviors, celebrates diverse perspectives, and ensures equal opportunities for all to succeed within a winning culture.

In the program you will learn about:

  • The DEI Vocabulary and Mindset (3 hours)

  • Inclusion Best Practices (4 hours)

  • Belonging Best Practices (4 hours)

  • Accountability and how to measure DEI (3 hours)

  • Action Planning - Boost to Impact (2 hours)

Also included:

  • 5 Consulting / Coaching hours

  • Special bonus: one free workshop from our solutions list (within one year)

You will leave the session:

  • Excited about the DEI journey and your role in it 

  • Confident and knowledgeable

  • Comfortable being uncomfortable and eager to experiment and try

  • Ready to take action and inspire people to join on the journey

  • Equipped with an applicable toolkit and resources 

Format and duration:

  • The program consists of five modules 

  • All sessions are virtual and recorded for future reference

  • Consulting/coaching hours will begin after completing the Boost sessions

​If you want to hold the Boost as an in-house program in your organization, please contact us so we can understand your needs and tailor the program accordingly.

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