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Disability Employment Month

October - 2024


Raises awareness about disability employment issues and celebrates contributions of workers with disabilities.Disability Employment Month is an annual observance focused on promoting workplace inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Held typically in October, the initiative aims to educate employers on the benefits of a diverse workforce and to celebrate the contributions made by employees with disabilities. Various events, such as workshops and awareness campaigns, are organized to facilitate dialogue and action. The month serves as a platform to address employment challenges faced by people with disabilities and to advocate for equal opportunities.

Event Region:


Effected commuinity :

Individuals with disabilities

Origin of Event:

U.S. Congress 1945

Social and Political Sensitivities:
Disability rights and employment discrimination
Disability Employment Month
Some ideas to mark

1. Accessibility audit

2. Advocate talks

3. Disability etiquette

4. Highlight contributions

5. Accommodation workshops

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