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What We Do

Guarantee your program is delivered by highly proficient, empathetic DEI Code facilitators

Create a safe space for awareness, compassion, and

Offer a balance of theory, examples, and application (Head, Heart, and Hands)

Customize solutions to your organization's requirements and needs

Focus on organizational productivity and profitability

Provide the opportunity to join the DEI Code community for ongoing development

What You Get

Knowledge and understanding of the main DEI concepts, benefits, and  strategies for success

A set of solutions that builds on your organizational strengths

A pathway to reflect and shift habits and perspectives

An Interactive toolkit and exercises  based on best practices

Tools and techniques you can easily apply immediately

A memorable and engaging experiences

The DEI Code solutions are designed to move you to become a DEI enabler, helping you transform your organization/team’s DEI experience.

Whether participating in a DEI Mindset, Inclusion and Belonging practices, Intersectionality, Personal Accountability, or Team Action Planning modules, our experiences are highly interactive, engaging and packed with practical, dynamic exercises - you will leave any DEI Code interaction with a series of instantly applicable tools and techniques – that really work.


Details About Each of Our Solutions

The DEI Roadmap 

BOOST 3.png

Accelerate your way towards an inclusive and diverse environment

DEI Mindset


Awareness of biases helps make informed decisions and fosters inclusivity

DEI Mindset1.png

DEI mindset promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, shaping a winning culture

DEI Strategy & Structures


Create, evaluate, and direct your DEI strategy aligned with business and culture

DEI Councils3.jpg

DEI councils link diversity efforts to business strategy and bolster ERGs


Voluntary, employee-led groups whose aim is to celebrate communities and allies

Streamlining Systems For Change.png

Building an Inclusive culture demands evaluation and evolution of key processes

Decoding Diversity Dimensions

Gender inclusion.png

The path to gender equity starts with understanding and allyship

Intersectionality recognizes overlapping identities affecting experiences and biases


Embrace diverse perspectives for inclusive, effective cross-cultural collaboration


Exploring the richness of gender identity expression in the workplace


Employing employees with disAbilities enhances DEI and business value

Inclusive Leadership

inclusive leadership1.png

Equipping leaders with tools and mindset to lead inclusively

Coaching leaders in DEI, nurturing growth and ownership

Mentroring 1-1.png

Decrypt Your DEI Code


Embracing our lived experiences and championing equity by harnessing personal stories

Mentroring Proggam.png

Pass on DEI experiences and new perspectives while refining leadership skills.


Intensive training addressing DEI challenges in hiring

Celebrate DEI across your organization in a fun, engaging and innovative way

DEI Development Days.png
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