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HeForShe movement anniversary

January - 20 - 2024


"HeForShe" is a global movement initiated by UN Women to promote gender equality and engage men as allies in the fight for women's rights. The campaign encourages men to stand in solidarity with women, advocating for a more inclusive and equitable world. It emphasizes that gender equality is not just a women's issue but a shared responsibility for all.

Event Region:

World Wide

Effected commuinity :

All genders

Origin of Event:

Launched by UN Women; date marks the campaign's initiation.

Social and Political Sensitivities:

The focus on engaging men for women's rights can be polarizing. Addressing toxic masculinity is key.

HeForShe movement anniversary
Some ideas to mark

1) Encourage male employees to take gender sensitivity training
2) Organize a mentorship program
3) Host a round-table discussion on gender equality
4) Conduct a HeForShe pledge drive
5) Share stories of male allies in the organization

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