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Hispanic Heritage Month begins

September - 15 - 2024


Hispanic Heritage Month is a dedicated period to celebrate the rich cultural contributions and achievements of Hispanic and Latinx communities in the United States. It spans from September 15th to October 15th, commemorating the independence anniversaries of several Latin American countries. During this time, various events, exhibitions, and festivities take place to honor the diverse histories and influences of these communities.

Event Region:


Effected commuinity :

Hispanic community

Origin of Event:

Starts on September 15, the anniversary of independence for several Latin American countries.

Social and Political Sensitivities:

Issues like immigration, cultural appropriation, and stereotyping may arise.

Hispanic Heritage Month begins
Some ideas to mark

1) Host salsa dancing classes
2) Feature Hispanic dishes in the cafeteria
3) Conduct Spanish language lessons
4) Organize a Latin American film festival
5) Highlight contributions of Hispanic employees in a newsletter

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