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Employee Resource Groups & Networks

Employee Resource Groups & Networks are internal structures designed to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within companies, often guided by a DEI Council.


These ERGs aim to meet employees' needs and align with business objectives but face challenges in effectiveness and in meeting employees' actual expectations, which can impact the sense of inclusion within the workplace.

To address these challenges, it's crucial for business leaders to align ERGs with both employee expectations and organizational DEI goals. Effective alignment can be achieved through clear communication, alignment with corporate DEI strategies, and organizational support, thereby enhancing the ERGs' effectiveness and employees' sense of inclusion.

In the program we will:

  • Explore the main types and roles of ERGs and Networks 

  • Understand how employee resource groups benefit organizations

  • Define what success looks like and how to get executive buy in 

  • Learn how to launch and sustain an effective ERG and Communities, through best practices and real life examples 

  • Plan how to maintain organizational support

You will leave the program:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the role and benefits of ERGs and Networks in organizations

  • Practical knowledge, tools, and strategies to establish and evaluate a  ERGs and Networks

  • Insights into effective communication strategies and change management approaches to ensure the success of  ERGs and Networks initiatives

Format and duration:

Consulting hours dedicated to co-design and initiate your DEI ERGs and Networks


Please contact us so we can understand your needs and tailor the program work accordingly

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