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Organizations and leaders, looking to make strides toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace can establish actionable goals and evaluate progress by forming a DEI council or committee.

DEI Councils come in many forms and have a variety of structures and names with the primary role to connect DEI activities to a broader business-driven, results oriented strategy. 

A DEI Council also provides support and guidance for employee resource groups (ERGs) and helps ensure that all networks and communities are a catalyst for fostering a diverse and inclusive environment and can connect DEI to the business.

In the program we will:

  • Explore the main types of DEI council

  • Evaluate your current state and map your needs for a council in your organization

  • Understand what success looks like

  • Learn how to launch and sustain an effective DEI council

You will leave the program:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the role and benefits of DEI councils in organizations

  • Practical knowledge, tools, and strategies to establish and evaluate a DEI council

  • Insights into effective communication strategies and change management approaches to ensure the success of DEI council initiatives

Format and duration:

Consulting hours dedicated to co-design and initiate your DEI Council


Please contact us so we can understand your needs and tailor the program work accordingly

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