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Undeniable twinkle in our eyes - the story of The DEI Code

Unlocking inclusive innovation through expertise, acumen, and friendship

Nurit and Avital sitting at a table laughing, holding coffee cups
Nurit and Avital - working session

Imagine if you will: in the whirlwind of endeavors that is the professional world, two experts run into each other and know what they have to do - use their respective skills to join forces and change the world.

That’s about what happened with the two of us, Nurit Hattab and Avital Yanovsky, the Co-Founders of The DEI Code. We were working on different ends of the DEI spectrum, but fate, in the form of a few conferences and meetups, brought us together, and over time we would share insights, trade stories, and occasionally swap coffee stains on our clothes.

Amidst our different experiences, there was one thing we held in common; one bottle of glue that bound us together. We both knew that the professional world is a complicated ride for everybody, but especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Thus, the two of us set out to change that; to prove that DEI was the secret sauce to business brilliance; to help organizations decode the whole concept; and to help you realize you hold the keys to make your company a DEI powerhouse and greatly benefit from it, for the future of the business.

How are we so sure? We’ve each been in this business for over 10 years, and we’ve seen it all with our own eyes. Our conviction runs deep, and actions speak louder than words for any behavioral change effort. DEI is no exception, and yet it is uniquely difficult to decipher. Our shared belief in talents waiting to shine like hidden gems in the corporate rough demonstrated for us that diversity was just the first step. Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership is the name of the game.

Thus, together, we set off on our path. With our combined experiences, expertise and stories that can fill a library, we’ve dedicated ourselves to working with teams, organizations and leaders supporting them in deciphering their unique DEI Code. Our approach aims to optimize balanced content (the Head), lived experiences and empathy (the Heart), applicable toolkits, coaching, mentoring, and a practitioner community (the Hands) throughout the process.

And that's how The DEI Code was born! With a shared vision, an unrelenting commitment to revolutionize the business world, and the infectious passion for making it happen.

Erez Peleg was a natural partner to help us build the company. With over 25 years in tech and entrepreneurship (and a few exits in the background), he brings a unique view of how businesses operate and what a DEI mindset means for CEOs and leaders.

The DEI Code, where friendship, experience, innovation, purpose, and a dash of caffeine collided to create a force for change in the world of business. Stay tuned for more adventures, because this is just the beginning! #TheDEICode #DEIStratgey #InclusiveLeadeship


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