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Deciphering the DEI Code:

Adopting Inclusive Habits,
Amplifying Diverse Perspectives,
Sustaining Winning Cultures

The DEI Code

We work with individuals, teams, and leaders to make sense, and decode the key ingredients that build respectful attitudes within the business world so that everyone can authentically participate, be valued, and be afforded equal opportunities to personally succeed and drive effective results. 

As the DEI Code is deciphered, a new world emerges, one where organizations cultivate inclusive habits, dismantle barriers, and embrace the power of diverse perspectives, all contributing to the bottom line.

Whether you start from scratch or reevaluate processes, behaviours, and organizational structures – our DEI Code approach will help you get an edge when it comes to creating a meaningful, sustainable impact for the benefit of your business.

The path to cracking the DEI code.
Avital with a customer.
Avital and Nurit, co-CEOs of The DEI Code.

Our Solutions

The DEI Code solutions are designed to guide you in becoming fluent in the keys that unlock Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion , enabling you to progress your organization/team's DEI journey.


Whether participating in a coaching session, DEI Mindset, Inclusion & Belonging practices, the power of Intersectionality, Personal Accountability, or Team Action Planning modules, our solutions are highly interactive, engaging, and packed with practical, dynamic exercises.

You will leave any DEI Code interaction with a series of instantly applicable tools and techniques – that really work.


"As the person in charge of diversity and inclusion at our company, I sought expertise to enhance this area. I'd heard praise about Avital, and after two years of collaboration, I can attest to her profound impact. Initially skeptical, I was soon introduced to Avital's breadth of knowledge and achievements. She familiarized me with best practices, helped craft our strategies, and navigated the intricacies of our diversity journey. Our sessions are not only personally enriching but also advance the organization's commitment to the cause."

Anat Gur-Arie
VP HR @ DB Group, VP HR @ Spiral Solutions

Among Our Customers

Our Team

Avital Yanovsky, Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Expert, Diversity in High Tech

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Nurit Hattab, Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Expert, DEI & Culture Change

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Erez Peleg, Co-Founder


Building  Companies

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