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Womanhood at the front: Celebrating Achievements on Global Women's Days

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Women are 51% of the worlds population. According to “Global Gender Gap Report 2022” published by World Economic Forum it will take 132 years to reach full parity. This represents a slight four-year improvement compared to the 2021

estimate (136 years to parity). Gender parity in the labour force stands at 62.9%, the lowest level registered since the index was first compiled. There is still a lot to be done to put womanhood at the front in organizations.

Throughout the year, various global events and days highlight the achievements and talents of women in the workplace, fostering a culture of recognition and inclusivity, enhancing the DEI mindset for all. We recommend engaging relevant ERGs to craft these events in your company.

International Women's Day: stands as a global notion of women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements It is a day to honor the progress made and to acknowledge the work yet to be done in achieving gender equality. On this day, celebrated on March 8th, and during the entire month of March, the world comes together to celebrate women's contributions in diverse fields. From acknowledging trailblazing entrepreneurs to honoring pioneering scientists, International Women's Day serves as a platform to showcase women's accomplishments globally within the organization and in collaboration with the societies around you. Mother's Day: A Tribute to Women’s Nurturing Spirit Mother’s Day, observed on various dates worldwide, is not only a celebration of motherhood but also a tribute to the strength and resilience displayed by women in their roles as mothers. It’s a day to recognize their unwavering dedication, not only within their families but also in their professional lives. International Day of the Girl Child: Nurturing Future Leaders On October 11th, the International Day of the Girl Child puts a spotlight on the challenges faced by young girls globally and promotes their empowerment. It emphasizes the importance of education, skill development, and creating a supportive environment for girls to thrive. It is a great opportunity for companies to invest in the education and well-being of girls, and nurturing the employees and leaders of tomorrow. Women's Entrepreneurship Day: Celebrating Business Pioneers Observed on November 19th, celebrates the efforts and innovations of female entrepreneurs worldwide. It recognizes their achievements in various industries, encouraging aspiring women to enter the entrepreneurial arena. Through networking events, workshops, and conferences, we can inspires and empowers women to pursue their business ambitions - our employees and others outside the organization. These events serve as reminders of the progress made and the work yet to be done, urging organizations to continue supporting and empowering women in the workplace and beyond. Make sure to include some or all of them in your DEI Strategy. We are all responsible for creating an environment where every woman's potential is realized, celebrated, and valued, leading to a more equal future for all. #GenderInclusion #InclusiveLeadership #DEIStrategy #EmployeeResourceGroup #ERG


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